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Dave's Daily List


In 2020, we started a website to support the Florida MMJ community. Posting daily specials, news, reviews, dispensary visits, etc. We changed the industry and have 10,000+ users daily.


In 2024, we are ready to expand into Alaska.


The new website is almost ready.


There will be separate sections for Alaska and Florida.


We have 5 years experience with the restrictions of social media in regards to the cannabis industry. We keep pertinent information on our site and use Social Media just to create traffic. 


We have a YouTube Channel and podcast, we will be posting strain reviews, how to's, shop visits, etc.





Our goal is to change the perceptions of cannabis and boost awareness in its benefits to grow a positive and healthy cannabis-centric community. We changed the game in Florida and are now launching it in Alaska.

Participation is free. Plus, there are sponsorship opportunities and promotional partnerships to join us in our mission and highlight your business.

Its starts with a simple idea: we post the daily specials for all cannabis in the state. 365 days a year. Dave’s Daily List will quickly become the daily destination for cannabis users in the state.

From that we build a community. Social media is used for online meetings, interviews and seshes. We also do videos, everything from strain reviews and how-to videos to shop visits.

In 2019, sales and marketing were a rarity in Florida’s medical-only market. Today, sales and promotions drive that entire industry. Dave has a community of over 20,000 daily users and is growing.

We have learned to navigate the waters of social media without getting flagged or taken down. We are geared as much for the new user as the season pro.



We can start as quickly as now.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

Dave’s Daily List



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